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Unknown Pending Paypal Transaction in Bank?


Unknown Pending Paypal Transaction in Bank?

Hi all, I opened my Nationwide banking app today and there is a pending transaction to "PAYPAL EBAY UK" for £6.99 I recently ordered a few things, including headphones that cost this same amount, but there is already a processed payment for that order, so this is additional. There are no new orders in my Ebay purchase history and this 6.99 payment does not show up on my PayPal transaction history. Any thoughts? I'm a little worried. Thank you!
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Re: Unknown Pending Paypal Transaction in Bank?



Transfers from bank accounts are never instant, that is why when you buy something paypal credit the seller upfront for you and paypal take the wait for the funds to transfer to pay them back again, this is so you get your item without delay.

Takes 5-7 working days to transfer as Paypal use the slowest (cheapest) transfer option BUT funds normally leave your bank account from a few hours up to a few days later.

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