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Underage/Minor limitations for refunds on ebay

New Community Member

Underage/Minor limitations for refunds on ebay

Hello there. I am a 17 and 11-months old guy who has a PayPal account. In the past, I created a few listings on eBay, and recently someone bought one of my products. The product that I had listed has since gone missing and I have had to issue a refund to the buyer. But because I am one month short of being an "Adult" I cannot actually refund the buyer due to PayPal rules. I also cannot put any money in the PayPal account so I have 82 cents less than what I was paid due to PayPal taking a cut of MY pay, for greedy reasons. I understand that I should not have created a PayPal account in the first place before I am 18 but I wanted to make some money because I could not work due to have a lung condition and eBay would not let me sell without a PayPal account. What am I supposed to do?


Cheers, Flynn


P.S. PayPal is a scam 🙂