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Unclaimed Money Issue from Seller’s Perspective


Unclaimed Money Issue from Seller’s Perspective

I recently sold an item on eBay for the first time. I recieved an email saying my money was unclaimed because it was sent to my Googlemail email address, when my paypal simply says Gmail. All emails are recieved in the same inbox, but I see why this could be an issue. My problem is that PayPal asked me to add the Googlemail address to my PayPal account, stating that once it was confirmed, my payment would be accepted and put into my account. However, I’ve added the email and confirmed it, and logged onto PayPal via both app and browser, and haven’t recieved the payment. I’m not sure what to do here, any help is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Unclaimed Money Issue from Seller’s Perspective



It may have shown as unclaimed with a cancel option on the BUYERS side so contact them and see if they cancelled it.

Does it still show as paid on Ebay?

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