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Unable to use my PayPal balance


Unable to use my PayPal balance



I have funds in my account but it seems impossible to use it sice PayPal always asks to use my Credit/Debit card. Even if I try to mark my balance as preferred method of payment, I get the message that it cannot be done.


Please look at the attached screenshot here:


It looks ridiculous that right above the text "We’ll use your available balance when you shop online or send payments for goods and services." there's a statement that my balance cannot be used as a method of payment.


Also, what is up with Contact Us page.


Take a look at the screencapture here:


I'm unable to select Payments. I've tried with the mouse pointer and with keyboard arrows but it just skips that option. I'm beginning to think this on purpose. You just can't contact PayPal regarding payments. It beyond ridiculous.