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Transaction from US to Morocco


Transaction from US to Morocco

Hi everyone, I'm from Morocco and I'm expecting to receive a large amount of money from US. I'm thinking about using Paypal to receive the money, I don't have any experience with it so I want to know if it's safe to use paypal for such a transaction? Are there any transfer limits? if i receive a large amount am i going to face any problem ? (The money is 100% legal) 


Your help would be appreciated.

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Re: Transaction from US to Morocco



I recommend filling out all the business information in your account settings applicable to you as thoroughly as possible. Link a card to your account as you can't link local bank account to verify your account. Enter any business tax id and your income tax id for your country. Make sure you have identification documents handy, photo id, bank statements, utility bill, credit card statement, passport, make sure accounts (financial) are in your name or your business' name, purchase order/invoices, tracking numbers, in case PayPal asks you for them to verify your account to comply with governmental regulations. If this is a business transaction, send a PayPal invoice.  Do not request a personal payment for business transactions.


Depending on your account history, the payment might be subject to PayPal hold until 21 days or the customer can confirm it on their end that everything is ok so to release the funds sooner.

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