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This is a nightmare, Please help I’m not sure what else to do!


This is a nightmare, Please help I’m not sure what else to do!

I had an ongoing issue with PayPal were I had a negative balance of for maybe a week or so, PayPal tried to charge it to my bank multiple times with the “last” time being on the 15th of April (it returned on the 16th) once I got the funds I paid with my card through my PayPal balance on the 19th of April (it said that I could do that, I have the email). that was paid and done but on the 21st PayPal charged by card again for the same amount even though it was already paid two days prior, this caused my account to go negative (and my bank takes $35 off if an account goes negative). i don’t think it should do that. I spoke to two different PayPal costumer service workers who gave me completely different answers (one did not know what to do and the latest which was today told me that my bank send the funds later than the 19th therefore I was charged, I spoke to my bank and that is NOT true. They send the funds immediately, it also says on the payment receipt that it would reach PayPal in minutes so there was no way of being “late”) they have since removed the main charge but I was still charged with $35 that my bank will not cover since it’s not their fault and obviously it’s not mine, should PayPal pay it back since it’s their fault? And if yes, how can I go about doing that? I’m beyond **bleep** that PayPal would try to rob me this way since I’ve used it for many many years, I know 35 is not a lot but I’m a college student and 35 could literally mean my next meal. I have proof of everything with dates. I just want my $35 back.
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Re: This is a nightmare, Please help I’m not sure what else to do!


If you have failed bank transfer then Paypal automatically keep trying to access those funds to clear your negative balance.
They have already fronted the payment to the seller on your behalf and so want the money owed.

If you sent a bank transfer to your Paypal account OR paid via your card but at the same time Paypal also automatically applied for the funds from your bank or back up card then you would have 2 payments processing to your paypal balance.
The first one to arrive will clear the negative balance and the second one will be credited as a + to your balance and you can withdraw it back to your balance once cleared.

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