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Paypal are charging me a fee on the tax they are handling for goods being sent to the USA and Australia via Ebay.

This is not on!

Paypal please refund me my money that you are taking from me for transactions going to USA and Australia. The tax being taken by EBay should not be subject to paypal fees.  I am not receiving this money in any way. Paypal are mearly handling it for Ebay, therefore if you want a fee then maybe you should charge your ex-sister company ebay.

Refund my money now please for all transactions to USA and Australia, many thanks.

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Re: Tax



Posting here won't get PayPal to refund you back and I would be surprised that they would.


Its part of the cost of doing business.


PayPal moves the entire amount (item price, shipping/handling) and now sales taxes/GST/VAT where applicable. eBay/PayPal used to split the payments out but have gotten rid of that concession very recently.


I wonder if PayPal charges eBay PayPal fees for receiving the taxes to their PayPal account to remit to the proper tax agencies.


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I don't get your thinking. It is probably illegal (and certainly immoral), to take a commission on tax money that belongs to the governement. these corporate bums will take our money any way they can... These suckers don't pay enough, let's also get rich on their tax contributions !?!