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I was contacted a person telling me that she needed immediate help and needed money, I gave her $100 and she told me that she was going to pay me back as soon as possible. After I sent her the money, she took it and blocked me from everything and I can’t even request a refund because she decline is it and blocked me, I tried to contact PayPal and they Emailed me saying that they can’t do anything about it supposedly because it was consensual. I tried to explain what happened but nobody will email me back. I need my money back because I worked really hard for it and I just wanted to help a person that just end up lying to me and scamming me
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Re: Stolen



If you send it as friends/family then you sent a 'gift' of money and willingly sent it.

If you used the goods/services option ie a service = loan then you could open a dispute for non receipt of service? 

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