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Stimulus check


Stimulus check

Has anyone gotten there stimulus check deposited into their account??


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Re: Stimulus check

Hello everyone,


First, I want to thank you all for coming to the community to bring your concerns forward and help us identify issues regarding this process. I understand how frustrating this situation is and that not knowing what's happening can be frightening.


The transfers from the IRS have begun processing, but as others have already stated, these transfers are coming through in waves. This means that your deposit may have been initiated by the IRS, but hasn't finished processing through the Automated Clearing House to your account just yet. There was a delay with some of these transfers from the IRS, but most deposits should be coming through starting now and over the next few days. Once these funds deposit into your PayPal balance, you should receive a notification from us that the funds are available for withdrawal.


Please note that this post is marked as the solution NOT because this issue is resolved, but because we need this notice for everyone to float to the top of the thread. We're bringing everyone's concerns to one place so we can ensure all your concerns are heard and addressed here, and hopefully we'll start seeing updates from people regarding their transfers arriving soon. Thank you all for your patience during this trying time, and we appreciate your feedback regarding this process.


UPDATE: If your stimulus check has arrived and shows in your account, but is on hold/pending, this is a known issue and you'll need to contact us to have the funds released immediately. Again, this is only if your funds show in your received payments but are listed in your pending balance or have the payment status of "Pending".


- Ashley M

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COVID-19 Relief- Paypal Capital

In wake of the global pandemic of COVID-19, many of us small business are suffering greatly.  In particular, the event industry (my industry), bars, restaurants and any other brick and mortar forced to close due to social distancing.


I own an Event Venue and have been forced to close my doors for a minimum of 8 weeks according to the CDC.  This has misplaced MANY of my clients weddings, corporate events, social events, religious events and more.  How do we maintain with closed doors, cancellations and postponed events?


In an attempt to not go bankrupt, small businesses are searching for as many resources as possible to sustain and ride the wave.


Has Paypal thought about potentially increasing, extending additional funds or ANY measure as it relates to Paypal Capital, for it's clients and customers that are in good standing?  I'd be extremely interested in adding to my current loan and/or whatever other form of resource/relief Paypal would make available.


Re: COVID-19 Relief- Paypal Capital

I second this. I am wondering if people visit this forum for their problems only? 


However, we as salaried persons are also affected by Coronavirus. There must be some relief for Paypal Credit users like extended period of payments instead of four months so that when situation comes to under control we could pay the remaining balance of our purchases. These are really hard times specially for people with families when everyone going nuts buying and storing goods and you are buying at higher rates now because you didn't realised the panic in people only to find later that local market has raised the rates. Paypal should relax it's terms and conditions for few months in the wake of this Covid virus as necessities of life are currently more important than paying back Paypal Credit.


Re: COVID-19 Relief- Paypal Capital

I also would like to know this, due to the Covid-19 my sales have declined rapidly & im so worried about the 90 days minimum payments on my PayPal capital loan. I have had 5 loans to date and never missed a payment and paid way above the minimum payment. I would also like to know if PayPal would be prepared to grant a small amount of crisis top up on my current capital agreement to help with the loss I’m experiencing. I have been a business costumer for many years and always had good standing, this virus is having a huge impact on my family worry about food and rent & gas & electric, I hope they could help us somehow, any additional amount would help and be greatly appreciated at this desperate time 😞
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Stimulus payment from IRS

Can I use my PayPal account to receive direct deposit stimulus payment from IRS?


Re: Stimulus payment from IRS

I'd like to know as well. Chat support directed me to use one of their phone numbers (which is a robot, and whenever I try to transfer to a human it ends the call.)


I don't know why chat support would redirect me to their call center when they have no real people working them (due to Covid-19). The robot doesn't answer this question at all.

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Veteran benefits

I should have done recieved my benefits anyone help me

Re: Veteran benefits

If you have a direct express card check it !
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Can we use our PayPal account info to get the stimulus $ deposited into it?
PayPal Employee

Re: Stimulus

Hi @Robp71

Welcome to the community forum and thanks for posting.
Your question is very account specific and we would be unable to tell you why this has happened over a public forum. I would suggest contacting us thru this link

We would be happy to assist.

Hope this helps. Kudos will be much appreciated and Please stay safe.