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Spooky behaviour


Spooky behaviour


Here's my problem, I was expecting a payment 2 hours ago, I received the email that I got it, clicked on claim my money, was then transferred to Paypal "Send & Request" tab, and clearly had the money is yours card popping in my face, however, when I switched to activities, summary and checked my balance, the money wasn't added, and the activity was never appended to my list of transactions.


I am new to Paypal and don't know if this is a usual thing or I am facing buggy behavior and my payment may be at risk of being not delivered.

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Re: Spooky behaviour



Funds go to your paypal account balance, not to your card however you do have to have a linked visa credit card on your paypal account to be able to receive funds as per link.

You need to read this policy as you are in 1 of the affected countries. 

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