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Sorry, we weren't able to complete your payment at this time. Please try again later.



When I sign in to checkout, it either signs me in to my actual home page of PayPal where I can see my balance which is confusing because I don’t know what to do from there, or i it says ‘we can’t process your payment...’ My account has no limitations and everything is confirmed There’s enough in my account Someone help please
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Transfer Money Denied

I’m trying to transfer money that was sent to me through PayPal to my debit card. Every time I try to send the money over a message pops up saying, “Were having trouble completing your request right now.” I know I definitely have not reached the money limitation.

I can not withdraw money from my PayPal business accounts to My bank account.

Good afternoon. Help solve the problem. I have a PayPal business account and I cannot withdraw money to My business bank account for 2 days. I tried to enter different amounts, but constantly in the upper window a notification appeared in red letters: try again later. I don’t have a limit in PayPal. My account is active and there are no locks. this is the first time in my practice. please tell me what it may be related to?

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Dear Paypal Community,

I have been trying to send money to a Paypal registered email. However, I was unsuccessful due to problems encountered from the company's side. Therefore, we need to fix the problem. The system says that the company accepts payments only using through the company's website. Also when I talked to the company they are saying that the problem is not from their side. So please what do I do?
Thank You
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South America

Sorry we cannot process your payment and my account have sufficient amount to cover my order please help .
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I am neither able to do an online transaction nor I am able to send or receive money through paypal.It simply shows an error stating "return to merchant".Anyone help me out in fixing it.

Ubereats falsely adding PayPal to checkout!

I tried for weeks to use a little of my PayPal balance to buy a nice meal. Ubereats kept saying error. I finally complained to PayPal requesting them to take legal action against Ubereats for FALSELY representing PayPal In their checkout as a method of payment. Ubereats had sent me an email CLEARLY SAYING

" We do NOT accept Paypal credit". Now I don't know how they can get away with having PayPal in their checkout and then refusing to accept it as a payment method.  (AUSTRALIA) ?????????

Paypal responded by saying that they would NOT tell me the outcome of my complaint but they would look in to it.

Personally I see this as GROSS false and missleading advertising by UberEats. I would NOT have tried to buy my dinner if I could not pay with my paypal credit as I can not afford to put it on credit card. Credit card is the ONLY other option Ubereats provides. I guess most would give in and just pay it and be done with it. 

If I wanted to pay with credit card I would have selected Credit Card as the payment method , Instead of Paypal. 

Could someone please tell me how UberEats can advertise in checkout that they accept PayPal and have the PayPal tick box and then refuse to take payment clearly saying in an email that they do not take Paypal.

PayPal didn't want to answer this definitively. Shouldn't the Gov't prosecute either for missleading marketing practices??????????


Error message I'm getting

Sorry, we weren't able to complete your payment at this time. Please try again later.

If you continue to encounter problems, please contact customer service.


Anyone know why I'd get this?

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Money not Sending

Someone was trying to send money to me but the transaction wasn't working. PayPal was telling them "This payment cannot be completed due to regulations. If you continue to encounter problems, contact Customer Service." This is not the first time this has happened so I would really appreciate a solution.

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Re: Money not Sending

This has happened to me after a week of being messed about