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Sent $$ to old invalid account

New Community Member

Sent $$ to old invalid account

Sent money to my brothers old PayPal account he no longer manages or has open. How do I get the money back? I see literally 0 options for this issue on PayPal site. 




Re: Sent $$ to old invalid account

I’d like to know what happens if you send money to a phone number that is listed on two accounts ? I sent money to a phone number and pay pal happened to select that persons old account that he never used . So he never received the money and pay pal will not refund the money I sent to his old account . Also I sent money to my daughter in law and they made her provide identity verification and the money was being held so she hit the refund option and then the money is missing , $1,000.00 disappeared and pay pal says that she cancelled the refund . She never even received it .