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Sending money with a linked Amex card

New Community Member

Sending money with a linked Amex card

Hi there, 


I'd be grateful if anyone can help on this. 


I'm trying to buy a used car and the car dealership does not accept Amex. 


I'm wondering if you can get round this by sending the car dealership a bank transfer from Paypal via Xoom, that will draw from my Amex card. 


It will charge me a fee which I don't mind paying as I will accumulate membership points on my Amex card in return. 


However, my main question is will Amex view this as a 'transaction' or  a 'cash advance? 


If they view at as a 'transaction' this is fine. However, if they view it as a cash advance amex will charge me additional fees which is not what I want. 


Let me know if anyone has any experience of this. 


I'm based in the UK. 


Many thanks,