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Sending money to family and friends over the weekend?


Sending money to family and friends over the weekend?

Hello, I sent money to someone with the family and friends option on Saturday night at 9pm est, thinking that it would be sent over to them immediately. Unfortunately, it still hasn't been sent, and although it has only been a day, we both thought that the transaction would be instantaneous because we had used the function in the past without any troubles. On my summary page, it says that the transaction is completed, but he has not recieved any money, nor has the money been deducted from my bank account. 

So does the weekend factor in to my friend receiving the money? Or is something else the issue? 

Thank you to anyone who knows! 😄

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Re: Sending money to family and friends over the weekend?



When you pay someone its never instant, paypal credit them the funds and then paypal take the wait for the funds to transfer from your funding source.

Funds can leave your bank account from a few hours up to a few days later BUT if the payment is showing as completed then the funds have successfully been RECEIVED by the email address / paypal account that you sent the funds to.


So if they are saying they have not recieved it then your best bet is to check the email address you sent the funds to and make sure it was correct without any spelling mistakes.

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