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Seller's eCheck refund declined by their bank

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Seller's eCheck refund declined by their bank

I purchased several items from a seller on ebay paying with my bank's debit card through paypal. She never sent the items and is now no longer a registered user. I started a dispute through ebay asking for a refund. I was given notification that she is sending a refund via eCheck through paypal. When the date it was supposed to clear arrived I was informed by paypal that her bank declined payment due to insufficient funds.


Now the resolution center on eBay's site is showing that the refund has been issued. I just called eBay and they connected me to paypal's customer service. I was on hold for 30+ minutes before giving up. So now she has my money and I have no items. I don't know what to do. The eChecks aren't even showing up in my paypal activity so I can't open a claim with them that way. I'm at a loss and am so upset. How can I get my money back? Please help and thank you for your time.

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Re: Seller's eCheck refund declined by their bank

EBAY HAS 30 days Money back guarantee,but if they see it has been refunded,they could wash their hands.

if you use a credit card,file chargeback.

or send a paypal money request to seller,