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Safely refunding an accidental payment


Safely refunding an accidental payment

A stranger contacted me saying that they accidentally sent a personal payment to me and wanted me to transfer it back.


I know that one standard scam is making a payment, requesting some kind of compensation, and then unwinding the original payment as fraud.


Is it safe for me to issue a refund on this transaction, or is there a way that this could wind up with me effectively "returning" the money twice over (once with the refund, and a second time if there is a future fraud claim of some kind)?


Is there a better path to doing this? I would like to just nullify the payment, as though it never happened, but it's impossible to reach PayPal support.


(I am just a regular user, I do not have a merchant account or anything, and this was just a P2P transfer, not a purchase.)

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Re: Safely refunding an accidental payment

Did you ever find a resolution to this? I am currently in the same exact situation