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Return funds on hold to the sender

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Return funds on hold to the sender



There is an incoming international payment to me that is currently on hold as I have to still update some details on my account. Right now I want to return back the funds to the sender. Can someone please suggest if there is a way to do this ? I believe the funds will be automatically returned to the sender in a month if unclaimed but I need to do it right away.


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Re: Return funds on hold to the sender

Hi @Ramya9411,


Welcome to the community and thank you for your post.


To receive a payment into your PayPal account, the email address it was sent to must be confirmed. To refund the payment, you will need to claim it first. To do this, simply go to your 'Settings' section and follow the steps to confirm your email address. 


The sender will have the option to cancel the transaction, if it shows as unclaimed in their account. Please follow this link for more information:


I hope this helps!


- Rachel