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Regarding refund to a buyer


Regarding refund to a buyer

I want to refund to a buyer, as he wanted to cancel the order.

I try to do this via the eBay site, but unable to do so.

I tried to refund to the buyer via PayPal but unable to do as the money is transferring to my bank account and PayPal said you need to add money(don't know how to add money).

Is Paypal going to charge me Fee? for this transaction, as I am only refunding the buyer's money?

thank you



Re: Regarding refund to a buyer

Hi there,


Welcome to the PayPal Community.


I understand that you want to refund a payment to your buyer but there are insufficient funds in your PayPal balance.


In order to issue a refund you will need to contact our customer service. The can be reached by phone or on Facebook/Twitter. The phone number can be located under the Help/Contact tab at the bottom of the PayPal website. When a refund is issued the fee is refunded.


-David R