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Re: Refunds

Okay but I transferred it to my old card,then I removed my old card,and now my money is on my old card and I need it on my new card.
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Re: Refunds

This just happened to me,did u figure it out??
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Re: Refunds

Ok, now this is my case:


I'm on vacations in the USA and while I've been here I was interested in buying a camera lens I found on ebay.  I received an ebay gift card for Christmas which I decided to use but then things go ugly:

1. I made the purchase using the gift card.

2. Everything went well until I received the lens but as I tested it, I found it was useless.

3. I asked for a full refund from the seller and shipped the piece of plastic back.

4. Days later I received the refund notification from ebay and paypal (I have a linked account on ebay), but neither the transaction ID or any refund status is shows on the activity report.

5. I have checked everything, I have tried to contact paypal and is a pain.

6. I'm almost close to believe that I was robbed.


I hope I don't have to use paypal anymore after this.