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I cancelled a deal which I added from my credit card some money on the 28th of July,then decided to get a refund back which now it has been completed but it doesn't show in my balance neither on my PayPal account nore in my bank account.why the money hasn't been refunded back to me,it doesn't show nowhere..what do I have to do..why this refund is not showing anywhere since it has been completed

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Re: Refunds



If you funded the original Paypal payment to the seller with a debit or credit card then it won't go back to your paypal balance.

Once marked as completed it will automatically go back to your bank account or credit card but takes up to a week to process through to the bank and a bit longer for a c.c (Paypal say allow 30 days but I have never waited longer than a week for mine, the last one taking 4 days).

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