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I recently had a seller refund my depop purchase, she issued it. I got an email from paypal that gave me a summary for the transaction, but it doesnt show up in my paypal or bank account. There is nothing saying whether it's pending or completed, I have no idea if my refund is still coming or if the money just never got transferred (I was sent the email 4 days ago) what should I do?
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Re: Refund



Issued refunds (see your PayPal account activity for a completed refund transaction) are returned to original funding source. Arrival times may vary:  


- Bank account payments, 3-5 or 5-7 days, depending on your bank. 

- Cards & PayPal Credit (aka billmelater) about a week, up to 30 days depending on your issuing card. 

- PayPal balance, fairly instant. 

- Split payments between PayPal balance and card/bank, see above.

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