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Refund went to wrong account and wrong country

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Refund went to wrong account and wrong country

I received a refund from a retailer, and they sent the money to the account linked to the email that I used for the purchase (I did not use Paypal for this purchase, and the retailer just decided to refund it to a paypal that is associated with my email). However, I have not used that Paypal account in years, and that account is located in Singapore instead of the US. I currently have no access to the Singapore account despite having the username and password, because I no longer have the phone number associated with the account to verify the SMS confirmation. I do have a current paypal account that I use in the US under a different email.


I talked to customer service in both US and Singapore - US customer service says they're able to access my account but Paypal Singapore is the only one that can send the money to my new account. Singapore customer service says that they are unable to move the money even though they were able to verify my identity, because I don't have that stupid phone number anymore. Has anyone run into this issue before? 

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Re: Refund went to wrong account and wrong country



Contact the seller and explain they sent the refund to a blocked account so they have to get that money back through a dispute. You won't be able to respond to the dispute because you're blocked so the seller will get the money back, that is, if they sent the refund as a goods and services payment and then have them send the money to your correct PayPal email address.

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