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Refund to non-existing bank account

New Community Member

Refund to non-existing bank account

I've just received a refund of a payment I made about 2 years ago. What I did not expect is that Paypal immediately forwarded the refund to the original bank account which no longer exists (I've changed banks) and I've deleted from my paypall account 2 years ago. I've contacted my original bank and they will refuse the transaction so it will bounce back to Paypal, however that does not take away all my worries. I've tried contacting Paypal through the resolution center but I'm not allowed to open a case on this refund because "this is money you've received, you'll need to contact the sender directly to resolve your issue."


What I'm afraid of is that the money that bounced back to paypal is immediately forwarded again to the refunding agency. So I've got two questions:

- Is there any means to contact paypal to ensure the bounced back money stays in my paypal account?

- Does anyone know what will happen to the bounced back money?