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Refund to a customer still pending.


Refund to a customer still pending.

Hi there. I’m on day 9 of a pending refund to a customer who is getting very irritated. Do I just have to wait? is something wrong? It said expected to clear by the 19th and it’s still pending. Money has gone from my debit account for the refund but he’s saying he hasn’t got it yet. If the customer gives bad feedback or complains can I fight this as it isn’t my fault?
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Re: Refund to a customer still pending.



Nothing to do with you, you can only refund from funds in your paypal balance OR bank account.

If it goes from a bank account then it goes as an echeque and takes 5-7 days to clear through to the buyer.

Nothing you can do to make it go any quicker, you have refunded the instant you press refund and the time it takes is out of your hands.


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