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Refund request


Refund request

SN Sue Nobile 07:22 AM On Oct 26 I sent money ($200) to my son using his phone number. The money was sent to someone else with that phone number on their account. The money was requested back immediately as there was no “pending” status to cancel the transaction. I sent another request for the money back without response. I would like to know what my options are. What else can be done to get my money back? Is there a formal dispute for this type of transaction?

Re: Refund request

Hi SueBean,


Welcome to the community forum and thanks for posting.


If you sent this payment using the family and friends option there wouldn't be a formal complaint option as it is considered a personal situation. I understand though that this is unfortunate due to the phone number being on another account. In this case I recommend getting in touch with our customer service team directly so we can review it based on the individual circumstance. You will find our customer service details by clicking Help & Contact at the bottom of the PayPal page.