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Refund "received" but not in account

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Refund "received" but not in account

I received an email from PayPal that a refund was received. There was a button that said "Claim Your Money." When I click the button I get a message that says "We're sorry but this transaction no longer exists." WHAT THE HECK??? Where is my money?

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Re: Refund "received" but not in account



You shouldn't have to 'claim' a refund as a refund works as per below.........

If you funded the original Paypal payment to the seller from your bank account or a card then once marked refunded/completed it will automatically go back to that bank account or card.
Normally it can take a few days up to a week to go back to a bank account and a bit longer for a card, Paypal say allow 30 days for a card (1 billing cycle) but its rarely that long.
(Can vary according to country though).

If it was asking you to 'claim' the payment then it was sent as a payment and NOT sent as a refund.

If you didn't have a cash plus account then the funds normally automatically are sent to your bank account so i would check there.

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