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Refund problems

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Refund problems

A buyer purchased something on my ebay account and then asked for a refund as she realised it was in the wrong size. I pressed refund on Paypal but she's telling me she no longer has access to her paypal account so the money is sat as pending. What will happen to this refund? Will it just cancel over a period of days or go into her paypal she doesn't have access to? VERY UNSURE WHAT TO DO.

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Re: Refund problems



Sorry but firstly why is she thinking that is your problem? You can only refund x1 way, if you 'sent' a payment you may not be covered if she filed a dispute.

If she FUNDED her paypal payment via a debit or credit card then the refund would automatically go back to that card and NOT her paypal balance so that should not be a problem.

If she funded it via funds already in her balance or instant bank transfer then it would go back to her paypal balance, she can't have closed the account or the payment would not complete so why does she not have access to it? Maybe she should contact customer services to regain access?


But as I said if she paid you via paypal using a card of some type then it would not be a problem as it would go back to that card but takes about a week to go from your bank account > paypal > her card.

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