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Refund not showing in my debit card

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Refund not showing in my debit card

I've inputted the wrong Country for my payment in Scalefast, They've refunded it back to me on my paypal but it's still not showing up on my debit card. I've checked with my debit card company, they're saying there's no issue on their end and that I have to contact paypal itself. What do? extra info: my debit card isn't from a bank. it's from a Western Union type Visa debit card.

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Re: Refund not showing in my debit card



If you funded the original Paypal payment to the seller from your bank account or a card then once marked refunded/completed it will automatically go back to that bank account or card.
Normally it can take a few days up to a week to go back to a bank account and a bit longer for a card, Paypal say allow 30 days for a card (1 billing cycle) but its rarely that long.
(Can vary according to country though).

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