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Refund inaccessible

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Refund inaccessible

I paid for an item on eBay for $170 using a debit card with my brother's name on it (long story). When I received it, I found it was broken. Naturally I returned it, and once the return process had been started, I opened this Paypal account in order to receive my refund. However, today I got an email to the email I used for my ebay account, not my paypal account, and using my brother's name. Will the money he deposited into my checking? Can I access the money? Please help.
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Re: Refund inaccessible



If you funded the original Paypal payment to the seller with a card then it won't go back to your paypal balance.

Once completed it will automatically go back to your card. Paypal say allow 30 days but I have never waited longer than a week for mine, however that varies country to country.

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