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Refund completed but can't find it anywhere.


Refund completed but can't find it anywhere.

I had a message to sau that my refund was completed and it if was not reflected in my balance go to the "history" subtab of my account and click the accept button if it has a status of unclaimed. Where is the history subtab? When I search transactions it is not in the list list of payment that I have made.

I am confused as I paid by debit card so I thought it got refunded back to the account but if that is the case whay did I get the message asking me to look at the history tab?


Re: Refund completed but can't find it anywhere.

Hi @lizf1,


I'm sorry to hear that you received a confusing message. Was the message from the merchant or from PayPal? Was it an email, text, or something else?


A refund should not require that you claim it. Refunds automatically come back to the payment method that was used. If you are receiving a message stating that a payment should be claimed, you may have received a separate payment instead of a refund transaction. There is also a possibility that the message is not actually legitimate, but if you reply back with the answers to the questions above, that will help with narrowing down what's going on.




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