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Refund Problems

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Refund Problems

Greetings my friends, I hope you can help me ... I really hole ...

It wasn't long ago that I sold three or four items on ebay. Two of the three customers had nothing to complain about my goods, but the last one was dissatisfied and insists on his money being refunded. The problem is as follows: I still use my Dutch PayPal account, although I have been living in Germany for a long time (due to work). So far there have been no problems with it. Now that the dissatisfied customer complained about me to PayPal, my account was unceremoniously restricted. I cannot accept payments or send payments. Fearing that my PayPal account could be closed and the money on it could disappear, I repaid the two other customers of mine, asking them to transfer the money to my father's secure PayPal account afterwards. (Can you still follow me?) The repayment to the two customers of mine had worked - at least when it comes to PayPal's actitity-informations. Well, two days after the refund to the two men mentioned, one of them writes to me that the 125 euros that I had returned to him have still not arrived. That is a mystery to me; because PayPal clearly shows me that the refund has worked: "Mr. K. received 125 back" and so on ... How can it be that he has not received the money so far? Does he want to fool me or does it take so long because the money first has to reach his bank account, which can be linked to his PayPal account? Does anyone have an explanation?



Re: Refund Problems

Hello, @Regina666. Issues with refunds certainly can pose a concern. If there's a delay between when a refund was issued and when a buyer receives it, that's likely due to how the refund was funded, or the payment was still in a Pending status on your account or the money was moved automatically from the buyer's PayPal account to a bank or card account.


In all of these situations, it may take a little time for everything to be sorted out, but it should only take time and not require other action. Since you mentioned you were advised by PayPal that the refund was successful, it's likely that the money was transferred automatically to the buyer's bank or card account and that's taking some additional time. PayPal doesn't control the movement of money through the financial system, so we have to wait alongside customers for that process to complete on its own.


I hope this is helpful. Thanks for being a part of the PayPal Community!