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Receiving refund from PayPal

New Community Member

Receiving refund from PayPal

Hello everyone!

I got a question and I hope some of you can help.

So, I filed a report for an unauthorized payment made by my account, which PayPal ended up agreeing upon and refunded my account.

The thing is that once I found out someone used my account, I removed all my credit cards, before contacting PayPal with the issue. 

Anyway, in the email I received from PayPal's customer service, it says that the refund will go back to my PayPal balance, but there was no money added to the balance when I checked. 

After reading about it some more, I saw that some posts state that it should be refunded to my credit card as that was the payment option that was used for the said transaction, but since I removed all of them, I am now worried it somehow prevented the refund from being successful, resulting in me not getting the refund at all.


I wanted to make sure that although I removed the payment method that was used the refund will still go through, or do I need to contact PayPal again about the issue?


Thanks in advance!