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Receiving money from a friend

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Receiving money from a friend


A friend messaged me to say she had sent me her share of a payment, but that I needed to accept it.  I logged into my account but nothing is showing up... it's been about 4 hours now since she sent the payment - should it take this long before I get any notification of the payment being attempted or have we done something wrong?

This is the first time I'm receiving money from a friend, but I've sent money to friends previously and never been notified that they need to accept the payment so I've no idea if this is something that does happen on occasion or if it's because of a mistake

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Re: Receiving money from a friend



Double check the email address they sent the funds to and make sure there wasn't a spelling error or misplaced dot etc.

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Re: Receiving money from a friend

Thanks, we did friend even checked with the help desk and they’re saying the payments fine & they can’t see a problem 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s still not showing in my account though