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Receiving a bigger than usual amount


Receiving a bigger than usual amount

I will be receiving a bigger than usual amount into my paypal sometime this week. I don't want paypal to freeze my account because of that. What would you recommend I do.
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Re: Receiving a bigger than usual amount



Then don't use PayPal to receive the payment if you're afraid of that. We don't know your account's standing and can't predict what PayPal's system would do.


The payment could perhaps be put temporarily on hold if it is a goods and services payment, then you'll have to click "Add Tracking" and select an order status, and then contact the sender to  "confirm receipt" on their end of the transaction to release funds.


If payment was sent as friends and family, PayPal may hold it for review up to 72 hours as a formality.


If your account needs to go through the identity verification, it may be limited for submitting documents for proof of identity before you can go ahead use your funds. Provide the docs PayPal is asking for quickly and ensure they are legible.

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