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Receiving Mass Payment by a US Payer

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Receiving Mass Payment by a US Payer


I have a PayPal account based in India. My email address and contact number are verified. I have also finished KYC and received a message from PayPal team that I can start receiving payments now. I need to receive payment from a US company ''. They said they are sending payments via 'Mass Payment system' using contactors PayPal email address. Is there anything else required to receive the payment? Initially, when my KYC was not verified, they tried to use my email and send payment but PayPal returned the payment saying it is 'undeliverable'. Any help is appreciated. 

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Re: Receiving Mass Payment by a US Payer

Hi I am facing the same issue. Have you find the solution to your problem? Can you help me with this. Thank you

Re: Receiving Mass Payment by a US Payer

Hello @MakVish, @KritiS,


Thanks for reaching out! If you're still having issues receiving that payment, there may still be some kind of limitation on your account that needs to be addressed. I would recommend reaching out to our Customer Support to make sure all account limitations have been lifted. 


Best of luck!


 - Jon K

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