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Received payment but not showing on balance


I received money but it is not showing up on my balance.

I received $3 on my paypal account but it is not showing up on my balance. Can you help me?
Thanks in advance.


Re: I received money but it is not showing up on my balance.

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Re: I received money but it is not showing up on my balance.

This happened to me today too. I got paid $250 and it’s saying I received it but it’s not showing up in my account balance
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Re: Paypal balance remains unchanged after receiving funds

Same;  my balance does not reflect my Net payment from this morning.   My balance is LESS than my most recent activity, the net payment, and nothing else has happened today.  So clearly it has not added the payment to my balance.  

Have used paypal for over a decade and don't remember seeing this, ever;  hope they fix it soon! 


Payment Issues


I have an issue with my last transactions.  Payment is not included into my account balance.

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Balance Problem

Hello , my balance is bugged i think , I got today money but my balance didn't changed at all  . I also tried with some friends to send me 1..2 dollars but same thing but i noticed that when i refound my balance goes down -  . Anyone know what can be ?


Re: Balance Problem

Same here.
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Where is my money?

I am selling on Ebay and now for the second time i sell an item and i have a balance of 0,00. I get a email that i get new funds but after i have nothing. Help me please.

Payment completed but not showing in my wallet yet.

I recently received 2 small payments from someone, when I logged into my account they were unclaimed, so I went ahead and claimed both of them, I went back to my account page to check if they had turned up in my wallet, but they hadn't. These payments were paid to me in Euros and I accepted them and converted them to UK Pounds £ so I can then withdraw the money to my account.


I need this money in my account pretty quickly so any ideas of what may be the problem here would be greatly appreciated.






Re: Payment completed but not showinOKay in my wallet yet.

Okay, I guess I will just wait for it then, thanks for the link!