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Received duplicate messages about the same order

New Community Member

Received duplicate messages about the same order



I recently bought something and PayPal sent me a text to confirm if I had, indeed, purchased the item or not. Upon seeing the message, I authorized the transaction. However, exactly 1 hour later, I received the same text message. 


My question is, if i were to confirm/authorize the transaction again, will PayPal charge me twice?


Thank you in advance!


Re: Received duplicate messages about the same order

Hi @mly4,


I'm sorry to hear that there were duplicate messages. The text message is sent after the payment is made, in situations where there were any concerns about legitimacy, so you can be aware of the activity in the event that you would want to dispute it.


If you are concerned that there might have been a duplicate payment, it is best to log in to your PayPal account and review your payment history. If there was only one payment, then it may be that the message was delivered twice due to a communication error. If there are multiple payments, you may wish to report one as a billing error. There's no need to respond to the text message.


I hope this helps!




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