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Really Frustrated

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Really Frustrated

I have PayPal credit set as my preferred method of payment for online purchases.  For some reason, the last couple of payments that were supposed to go to HSN went through my paypal account instead.  I have called them no less than 4 times and written 3 disputes telling them that this is NOT an HSN problem - it's a paypal credit problem.   I just checked my account and another one went through under my Paypal account INSTEAD of my PayPal Credit account.  I can't get anyone to tell me why my preferred method of payment is not being used and why they have decided to take it out of my PayPal account instead.  I did not authorize this change and, for some reason, no one there seems to understand to understand that.


Has anyone else had the problem and, if you did, how did you get them to understand?


I appreciate any advice someone can give me as this is really frustrating 


Re: Really Frustrated

I noticed that there are two settings -- one for online purchases and one for in-store purchases. My in-store purchases was set to withdraw from my PayPal account instead of Credit.  I changed that to also be PP Credit.  I don't know, this is entirely a guess and a hope, but maybe the purchases that have been run against my PayPal account were considered "in-store" even though they were not (they were online).  


Re: Really Frustrated

Paypal credit is offered as a payment option at the discretion of Paypal,not you.

so if it does not show up as an option on the order page,then it is not offered.

It is not like your credit card or bank line of credit.

say you are approved $5k,but it may only be offered when you buy a $50 item,or not at all.

it is up to Paypal depending on its cashflow,how much it has already spent,and how much have you spent and how well do you pay your bills and what is the item and who is the seller,etc 


Re: Really Frustrated

think of Paypal credit as your mean,unpredictable step mother !!!