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Question about issuing refund to clients


Question about issuing refund to clients

Hi everyone,


Have a quick question here to ask about issuing full or partial refunds.


I need to issue a partial refund to a client, but had to do a top-up over the weekend due to insufficient funds in my Paypal account.


The top-up has been done and I'm now waiting for my Paypal account to receive the amount.


However, I have to issue the refund in US$ (as my client paid me in that currency), but my top-up amount is in SG$ (i.e. Singapore dollars). 


Will there be any issues when i carry out the partial refund due to the difference in currency?

Or will Paypal automatically convert my SG$ amount to the equivalent US$ automatically once I do the refund?

Hope someone can help me with this, thanks in advance! 🙂 



John (Singapore)