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Question about a money request

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Question about a money request

I have a client wanting to make a credit card payment but does not want to input her credit card number on any website.  Is there a way to still invoice thru PayPal and provide her CC info telephonically?

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Re: Question about a money request



I don’t get it, the customer don’t want to enter her cc info at PayPal, which does not reveal this info to seller, but willing to call to give it to you in detail?? Okayyyy.


Yes, just create and send off PayPal invoice and record the payment later to mark the invoice paid. Money requests are informal requests for payment don’t have this option.


You’ll need to have a way already to process credit cards physically through a payment gateway terminal though because there’s no way for you to enter cc info through your PayPal account to initiate a charge unless you signed up for PayPal Virtual Terminal service for a monthly fee.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂