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Purchase Failure After Email Change

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Purchase Failure After Email Change



This issue caused a few payments to fail, and it's a weird edge case scenario, but I think the technical staff might be curious.


I had two PayPal accounts (A and B) associated with two different emails (C and D, where A was associated with C, and B was associated with D). C is an old email that I want to stop using, so I wished to associate account A with email D (A being my primary account linked to many payments, and B being linked to few). So, I switched account B's email from D to E (E being an unimportant email to facilitate the switch), then associated account A with D, then associated account B with C. A roundabout way of swapping the emails of A and B, since PayPal (reasonably) doesn't let you use any given email as the primary email for multiple accounts.


However, after doing this, when I tried to make payments with account A, the payment facilitator would hang. Which is unusual, because normally you'd expect it to either accept or come back after a few seconds and tell you it was rejected, right? Instead nothing happened, and I was left with the cursor spinning on the purchase menu for some minutes until it timed out. This strange behavior makes me think this was an unaccounted for scenario, which is why I've bothered to write this post.





Re: Purchase Failure After Email Change

Hi dominantgiraffe,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. 


What you are describing sounds like it may be a technical issue, since the payment is spinning rather than just failing. If your payment wouldn't go through it may be as a result of our security system due to the change on your account but if that is it, it should resolve itself as soon as we see that things are safe.


I hope this helps.