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Processing then kicked out?

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Processing then kicked out?

I was recently trying to buy an item from a website using PayPal, when I would click continue it would say “processing”, spin and then immediately kick me out and back to the website I was buying from. I tried it 2 or 3 times and got the same result. I never got a conformation that I paid for anything, nor did my activity page say I had any transactions. However I’m worried that some how it went through, should I be concerned? Is anyone else having this issue? And if it did go through is there any way to cancel the transactions?
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Re: Processing then kicked out?



If the transactions went through and it is not showing on your PayPal activity with a cancel button, contact the merchant and ask them to void the pending temporary authorizations where possible or let them expire in 30 days...or contact your financial institution to report duplicate pending temporary authorizations and see if they can cancel them.


Typically, PayPal cannot cancel pending temporary authorizations as those expire automatically after 30 days. Or they might be able to cancel them after 30 days pending.


More info:

Buyer side:


Seller side:

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