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Prefred payement


Prefred payement

Can't select PayPal balance as preferred way to pay online Hello, I'm struggling with this problem for few days now I had a balance on my PayPal account which wasn't linked to any credit card, so I ordered one and I successfully linked it to my account Then I noticed when I was about to make a payment that only the credit card is available as funding option which obviously I do not want I did some research And I found that I can select a preferred to pay from "settings > payments > Online purchases" .. I went there click change and I found two options: PayPal balance and Visa If I select the Visa option and click confirm everything is okay but when I chose PayPal balance and click confirm I get this error: This can’t be used as your preferred way to pay online. Choose a different payment method. I spent a day with the customer support but with no luck Please if anyone know what happening or what should I do let me know Thank you in advance
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You need to read this policy as you are in 1 of the affected countries.

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