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Potential fraud?

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Potential fraud?



So I currently have an online embroidery business on Wix and I received a message today from one of my customers saying that he tried to pay via Paypal 3. Apparently the order failed but he got a notification from his online banking that the first instalment has gone through. I didn't get any notifications or transaction history from his account on my Paypal records. I told him he has to contact Paypal or his online banking to try and see if he can get a refund. His online bank said I should call a number and the payment can be recalled via fax. I don't really know much about Paypal 3 and I don't think it is supported by wix. Is this a fraud?


Thank you for your help in advance

PayPal Employee

Re: Potential fraud?

Hi there


I see you're concerned about a payment you're supposed to receive. I want to inform you that when you receive a payment through PayPal, you will always receive a confirmation email from us and also you should be able to see the transaction in your PayPal Activity page. If you're unable to verify these, you can ask the buyer to contact us so that we can help them. 


Thank you