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Phone / Text Money Transfer not showing in my account


Phone / Text Money Transfer not showing in my account

I customer requested to pay by transferring money from his PayPal account to mine using my phone number. I received a text saying I had received a payment, I followed the link, verified my password and was informed the payment was successful and the money was in my account. When I checked the Money had not gone through. Ive since received 2 more text messages about the same transaction, identical to the first message, I again followed the link and ended up with the same result. Its been a few days now, does it take longer for the money to show up or has something gone wrong? Any help would be appreciated.




Re: Phone / Text Money Transfer not showing in my account



was his money in a (Paypal Balance)? if his money had to Transfer

to your account & he was using his money from his bank? it could take up to 30 days it would look like this


customer bank<---to---->Customer Paypal Balance----into---->Your (Paypal Balance)

& god knows how long that will take friend. the funds could be on Hold in your Paypal Balance till His

Bank (CLEARS) the Funds $$ & release it to his Paypal Balance into yours.


ask your customer if he already had money inside his (Paypal Balance)? people get (Paypal Balance) confused with

their Bank when they linked them up they are still (DIFFERENT) & they have different Policies


let me know how it goes friend. if you have any other questions? don't hesitate to ask & don't forget we

are in different nations so the way Paypal handles things is a little complicated & I'm not a Paypal expert.😉


Re: Phone / Text Money Transfer not showing in my account

Thanks, I was told it was money already in his PayPal account. Could this also take a long time?

Re: Phone / Text Money Transfer not showing in my account



your doing a bunch of things (WRONG) you should never really use an APP is that 

what you are using? an (APP?) & you should use a (Computer) & if that is a customer? follow these steps

it sounds like your getting scammed your following Links? & text messages? that is (ODD) do this 


#1 login to paypal balance account

#2 when receiving funds? create a (INVOICE) for customer

#3 have your customers Paypal Email he/she should provide it to you

#4 customer should see the (Invoice) with the (AMOUNT $$) & hit send to pay

#5 the Money should wire super fast like if your customer was shopping on (EBAY)

#6 make sure that this transaction you are doing with the customer is Legit.

#7 don't forget your not protected outside of Ebay customer interaction there is a Policy in Paypal 

for that kind of customer to Business owner interactions. none of you are protected.


hope that answered helped you & sorry I did not responded back to you sooner 😉

anymore questions? don't hesitate to ask friend & remember your jurisdiction is different from mine.