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Pending refund almost 40 days


Pending refund almost 40 days

Could somebody help what to do? Or how to call customer service? Im from philippines, i bought fishing supply from tackledirect online shop. I paid thru paypal account from peso to dollar. From that day I can see my transaction from paypal that it is pending. After a couple of days seller cancelled my transaction and told me that funds has been released. I check my paypal account but the transaction id in activity portion has gone. I contacted paypal agent of my pending refund and said that i should wait for 30days. Its been 40 days but no refund reflected in my account. Ive worried so much because that money is not mine. Please help me. I filed dispute from my bank card but they need void receipt. i cannot provide because the seller is not replying to my emails and i cannot file dispute to paypal.

Re: Pending refund almost 40 days

Hi @Montaño,


I am so very sorry to hear this occurred, and I would encourage you to contact our customer service directly so they can review the status of the transaction for you. To do this, please follow the Help & Contact link at the bottom of the page, or you can also reach us on Facebook or at @AskPayPal on Twitter.  


I hope this helps and thank you!



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