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Pending & Recieved Money


Pending & Recieved Money

Hello, i don't understand why the money I'm receiving is on hold/pending.For me to access my money more quicker it says I have to provide information on "product" or "service or virtual product".This to me makes no sense since I'm the buyer and not the seller, I'm here to collect a refund 

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Re: Pending & Recieved Money



If its on hold then it means the seller has not used the refund option but the send money option instead.

If it was a refund then it would have gone back to your funding source ie bank account or card automatically.


What was the reason the seller refunded you that way? If he could not refund as it was after 180 days then he still had the option to send it using the friends/family option so the hold would not apply.


Be careful as by sending it that way he can dispute it later by filing a dispute for non receipt of item and as you would have no tracking number he would get the money back again.


If you want more advice say what happened and post back.

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