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Pending Transaction


Pending Transaction

Hello, I am in need of help. I bought a vacuum on January 18th from SharkNinja Operating LLC (paid through PayPal). The order is still pending. I called SharkNinja to see about my order and they do not see any orders from me. They can pull up my account but do not see any orders. On PayPal it just shows pending but I can't do anything to withdrawal the order and buy straight with the company so I can get my vacuum.  Can anyone help me so I can delete this ORDER? I need a vacuum like yesterday. 



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Re: Pending Transaction



If its pending on your paypal account then it should time out if the seller can't or doesn't process your order at 30 days post payment.


Check the seller is not one of these China web sites OR Social Media ads and if so you may be glad it has not arrived.

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