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Pending Payment - can't accept!?

New Community Member

Pending Payment - can't accept!?

I have a payment (paid @invoice) that was paid today. I went to accept it and it says I need to @verify my account. So of course, I do and it all goes well, says I'm verified, the works. I go back to hit @accept , it asks me to do it again. When I click verify, it just tells me I am. So why can't I accept then!? Someone please tell me this has happened and worked out for you!!!! 

New Community Member

Re: Pending Payment - can't accept!?

I have a pending payment as well, and paypal is saying, when I attempt to capture the funds, that they cannot process the transaction.  However paypal has no mechanism or process by which I can get any information as to why this is occurring.  There is a breakdown in their customer servicer here as they offer no help or information whatsoever.  Anyone out there have an idea why this is occurring?  I did try filing a case but paypal said this was impossible since I had already been paid.  however I am not able to access the money.