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Paypal withdrew too much money?

New Community Member

Paypal withdrew too much money?

Hello! I have some questions that you may answer for me. I had my PayPal account bonded with my bank account and everytime I bought something with PayPal, PayPal withdrew money from the bank. I didn't notice that I had no money so my bank went negative and so did my PayPal no clue why. After I put in some money to my bank, PayPal decided to withdraw the money and also decided to withdraw money that made the balance negative. I thought to myself it's fine and the next day my PayPal balance was double the negative amount of money then yesterday. Is it a problem or is it like that? Kind regards

Re: Paypal withdrew too much money?

Hi @Alava


I'm sorry to hear of the negative balance. 


When a payment is sent using a bank account, the money is sent to the receiver, and we request the money from the bank. If the bank rejects the transfer, we will attempt to collect the money up to 3 times. If the transfer does not complete, it will result in a negative PayPal balance. 


I hope this information helps!


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